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Established in 2008 to provide a different kind of editorial agency

Founded by a former university professor and academic dean with decades of experience directing students' writing, Edits Made Easy started out from the very beginning to be a different kind of editorial agency. Unlike so many online editorial companies that utilize general editors working across genre lines, Edits Made Easy has formed a team of top-notch editors from across the country, each of whom works only in his or her own area of expertise. The punctilious English usage and precision of expression that are needed for a doctoral dissertation spell disaster for dialogue in a novel or a piece of creative nonfiction; writers and editors who are expert in one genre do not usually have equal expertise in others. Edits Made Easy doesn't seek out editors who can do it all; it seeks out editors with proven expertise in one type of writing and pairs them up with clients who need precisely that expertise. 

There's another way that Edits Made Easy set out to be different, as well. Most online editorial agencies are entirely automated: Clients upload their documents, submit their payments, and await the results, often without having any personal contact from anyone at all. The team of editors and coaches at Edits Made Easy is made up of writers who have been where you are now--authors awaiting responses from agents, doctoral students nervous about their defenses, job-seekers waiting by the phone; they know how personal your writing is, and how important it is to be sure that what you've written will get the careful attention it deserves. Edits Made Easy was created to provide "PROFESSIONAL EDITING WITH A PERSONAL TOUCH." When you upload your documents, you pay nothing at all until a real person has reviewed your submission and made contact with you. Only when you have had a discussion about the scope of your project and are sure that your specific needs are fully understood will you be asked to pay for any services--and you'll have the final word on which services are performed and what costs are involved. Throughout the course of the edit, you'll have access to the Edits Made Easy team by e-mail and by phone, even if just to put your mind at ease. And when your project is complete, we'll continue to be available to explain what we've done for you and to help you make decisions about what comes next. We are writers, so we know your stresses, we understand your deadlines, and we share your concerns. We are experts, who have been where you are, and who want to help you to succeed. We are a team, each with different expertise, but working together to meet each project's unique needs. 



Unparalleled TRANSPARENCY and open COMMUNICATION set Edits Made Easy apart from other online editing companies. When Edits Made Easy begins work on your project, you'll be given access to our project management system, so you can check the progress of our proofreading service in real time, 24/7. Check out our Transparency page to learn more about how you can keep track of your project and stay in communication with your editors. You won't find that level of transparency elsewhere!

Find it unnerving when you have to pay without knowing exactly what you’ll get? At Edits Made Easy you won’t pay a dime until you’re sure your project is understood and you know what kind of work you can expect.

The Edits Made Easy Philosophy

  • Anyone can learn to write well, given the right DIRECTION.
  • The “right direction” doesn’t come from titles or degrees, but from the EXPERIENCE of successful writing.
  • The keys to “successful writing” differ from field to field, so a variety of fields demands a VARIETY OF EXPERTS.
  • Clients should have the freedom to CHOOSE just the services they want, and should have the information they need (including prices) to make the best choices they can.
  • Professional service should come with a PERSONAL touch, so clients must have access to Edits Made Easy staff before, during, and after their projects are completed.

The Edits Made Easy Difference

At Edits Made Easy, your work won’t be handed off to just any proofreading editor. If you send us a novel, we’ll place it with a novelist. If you’re working on your memoir, we’ll entrust it to a nonfiction expert. If you send us a resume, we’ll pair you up with a Career Services professional. If English isn’t your first language, we’ll assign your work to a top-notch ESL specialist. If you need web copy, we’ll turn to a web professional. If you need marketing copy, we’ll turn to a business professional. If you need dissertation help, we’ll put you in the hands of an academician who has been through the doctoral process and come out successfully on the other side.  Whether you’re seeking an editor, a coach, a writer, an indexer, or instruction, you’ll be in the hands of an expert who has a record of success in the kind of writing you need to do.

Who are we?

Edits Made Easy is a limited liability company headquartered in Scranton, PA and registered with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the United States of America. EME draws together a team of expert editors, proofreaders, coaches, indexers, transcribers, instructors, designers, and writers to offer professional services to clients in a variety of fields of writing. All members of the Edits Made Easy team are highly qualified professionals with graduate degrees or equivalent experience in their relevant fields, and with track records of success. To submit an application to join the Edits Made Easy team, visit our Join Our Team page. To find out more about Edits Made Easy, contact us.