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Professional Academic Coaching Services

Having the right guidance through graduate school can make the difference between achieving your goal of producing a thesis or dissertation, or languishing for years in the writing process. Even the most gifted of students will struggle without the proper assistance. Reaching out for help is the mark of a smart scholar who wants to be proactive about their future rather than wasting time on a project that lacks direction or focus.

Edits Made Easy provides professional academic coaching services for graduate students at all levels who desire help with:

  • Structuring their thesis or dissertation
  • Finding better sources for their research
  • Improving their writing
  • Translating data into words
  • Meeting their deadlines

Motivating Graduate Students to Write and Defend Their Theses

Motivation can be a major issue for students in graduate school. Sometimes they also hold down full-time jobs, which can make it hard to find the time to devote to, say, working on a dissertation. Even full-time graduate students can get distracted by publishing opportunities and teacher assistantships, which pull their focus away from their theses.

Professional academic coaching services can provide the encouragement to get back to writing. We can tell you if you’re on the right track with what you’ve already done or if you should switch gears. By listening to your concerns and your questions, we craft a plan that’s distinct to your needs and your situation. We can help you work around things, such as a sick child or a new job, so you do not fall behind in your writing.

We also boost your confidence by helping you achieve small goals along the way that are worth celebrating. You can build on that momentum to keep working toward your ultimate ambition of finishing your thesis or dissertation. When you work with us, you will see that is an eminently achievable end. We can even continue coaching you through your thesis defense, preparing you to present the evidence behind your statements and back it up orally rather than on paper.

The Benefits of Using Edits Made Easy for Academic Coaching

Edits Made Easy employs academic coaches who have experience in this area. They have worked in academics and gone through the thesis or doctoral writing and defense processes themselves. Because of this, they understand the common pitfalls students can fall prey to when trying to write. They know what areas will require the most support.

Our coaches treat each project individually. They don’t use the same techniques with every student, because they understand you are unique. We only use academic coaches with experience in this area. We won’t pair you with, for instance, an author coach when you want an academic one.

You need more than just a cheerleader when you write your thesis or dissertation. You need someone who will back you, but also challenge you so you produce to the level of your capabilities. Our academic coaching can get you across the graduate school finish line. Contact Edits Made Easy today to discuss pricing on our services.