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Professional Academic Formatting Compliance Services

When you dive into academic proofreading and publishing, you may feel as though you’re jumping into a bowl of alphabet soup. APA, MLA, IEEE—the list of formatting styles goes on and on. To submit your thesis or dissertation upon completion, or to attempt to publish in a journal, you must properly format your manuscript in order to be accepted.

If you fail to do this, your manuscript could be rejected on a technicality. After you have poured your heart into your project, you certainly don’t want that to happen. But what if you don’t feel comfortable with pinning down the nuances of academic style or you’re submitting to a publication that uses a different one than you’re used to?

Edits Made Easy can help you with our professional academic formatting services. We offer a wide range, though the main ones are:

  • APA
  • MLA
  • Chicago
  • Turabian

The Benefits of Using Academic Style Formatting Services

The quality of your paper is not reflected by whether or not you used the serial comma. But publishers rely on universal styles of academic formatting to make their jobs easier. Rather than having to fix that serial comma on every submission, they ask you to do it for them. It also simplifies the task of searching for certain information within a submission, such as citations or titles.

We employ editors who are experts in this area. Instead of fumbling through the rules of style yourself, you can hire us to format your paper and feel confident you have dotted all the I’s, crossed all the T’s, and italicized all the book names. Whatever style you need, we pair you with an editor who has used it extensively and can transform your citations into a list that matches what your publisher desires.

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