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adjunct services

Edits Made Easy offers more than just editing and coaching services. As a professional editing service with a decidedly personal touch, EME responds to the unique requirements of clients who may not need a full edit. To that end, we are happy to design CUSTOM SERVICES that our team of professional editors, coaches, and designers can provide for you. Just drop us an e-mail or give us a call to discuss your specific needs. Or check out our array of FORMATTING, PRE-PUBLICATION, CAREER, and TRANSCRIPTION SERVICES listed here.

Formatting services

Perhaps you're comfortable with the content and language of your project but need help with making it look right on the page. For some projects, like academic theses and dissertations as well as book manuscripts, formatting can be crucial to your success. At a much lower cost than an edit, Edits Made Easy's formatting services bring your written work into a polished final form and increase your chances of success.


The EME academic formatting service will place your project in the hands of an editor who will ensure full compliance with your prevailing academic style sheet (i.e., APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, etc.). If your department, university, college, or professor has additional guidelines, your editor will ensure compliance with these requirements as well. Your in-text citations, footnotes, and endnotes will all be cross-checked against your reference list or bibliography to ensure that there are no discrepancies. Every aspect of formatting, from pagination to subheadings to referencing, will be brought into full compliance by an expert ... and all at a fraction of the cost of a full edit. 


Publishers typically have strict requirements for how manuscripts must be formatted for submission. If your book is going to get the attention it deserves, it will have to meet those standards precisely. Whether you’re working with a traditional publishing house or a print-on-demand publisher, your professional EME editor will be able to get your manuscript formatted for submission, without the cost of a full edit.


Not quite sure how to effectively present your material? Whether you need a report, a brochure, or a PowerPoint presentation, someone on the Edits Made Easy business team will be able to help you. We can format your work for print or media, depending upon your needs. When you combine editing/writing services with formatting or transcription services, special pricing can be arranged. Edits Made Easy has what you need to put your best business foot forward.

Pre-Publication Services

For authors of novels, memoirs, and other books, Edits Made Easy offers a set of pre-publication services designed to save you money and create a better first impression with your agent, publisher, or reader.


Whether you’ve just finished your book or you’re only partway through, you’ll benefit from a professional evaluation of your manuscript. For just a fraction of the cost of a full edit, you’ll receive a detailed report of the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript, along with a set of recommendations for how it can be improved.

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If you are hoping to publish your book through a traditional publishing house, or if you're going to seek representation from an agent, there will be strict formatting requirements for your submission, and many agents and acquisitions editors will reject out-of-hand any manuscripts that fail to meet those requirements. Don't take that chance. With EME's experienced manuscript editors, you can be sure every detail of your formatting meets the specifications of your agent or publisher. And if you've decided to self-publish your book, our team of book editors and designers can give your book exactly the look and feel you want ... all without the cost of a full edit.


Even experienced authors find the publication process daunting. With the EME pre-publication package, you can submit your manuscript with confidence. Your EME editor will begin by conducting a thorough critical review of your book. You’ll receive a report detailing your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses, and providing concrete recommendations for improvement. Then your editor will prepare the synopsis that your publisher will require, highlighting the aspects of your work that should not get missed. Lastly, your editor will write the query letter that you will use in submitting your work to your publisher. Submit your work in confidence, knowing that you’ve got experts behind you!

career services

In today's tough job market, you need employment documents that will set you apart from the crowd. Let the Career Services professionals at Edits Made Easy help.


Edits Made Easy is proud to include trained Career Services specialists among its professional staff. Unlike most editorial agencies, which place your resume, CV, cover letter, application, or essay with an ordinary editor for corrections to the language, EME will entrust these important documents to a professional with the training and expertise to know what makes employers and schools take notice. With a keen eye for highlighting your unique qualities and transferrable skills, your EME Career Services specialist will edit your document ... or, if you prefer, will write it for you, after a thorough initial consultation to determine your specific needs.


If you’re applying for a job, you need to put your best foot forward. For one low fee, EME will have a trained Career Services specialist work with you to create a winning job application package. A thorough phone interview will provide your specialist with information on your unique background and specific needs, as well as details about your intended employer. Armed with this information, your Career Services specialist will create and format your resume or CV and will write your cover letter for you. He or she will then contact you by phone or web conferencing for two live job-interview coaching sessions. You’ll be guaranteed to make your best possible impression.



For academic and nonfiction books, an index can be an indispensable part of making your volume usable by the reader. But the creation of a usable index is a creative skill in its own right. Unlike the comprehensive concordances prepared by electronic systems, a good index requires careful judgment about relevant terms, contexts, and sub-entries--which is why a good index requires a human touch and cannot be created by a computer. Edits Made Easy is proud to offer the services of experienced professional indexers for your book at some of the most competitive prices in the industry.

transcription services

Prefer to submit your document or presentation as an audio or video file? No problem. Edits Made Easy is proud to offer the services of experienced transcriptionists at some of the lowest prices you'll find on the web, including transcriptionists with specialized skills in medical and legal transcription. Send us your recorded COURSE LECTURES or BUSINESS PRESENTATIONS, MEDICAL or LEGAL CONSULTATIONS, MEETINGS, SPEECHES and PRESENTATIONS. (PLEASE NOTE that EME will not work from audio files if speakers have been recorded without their knowledge and consent.) Once transcribed, your document will be proofread for accuracy. Based on your needs, it may then be edited to polish the language or to develop structure and content, and it may be formatted for effective presentation.

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custom services

Don't see what you're looking for? At Edits Made Easy we're proud of our personal touch, and we'd be happy to put the skills of our professional editors, writers, coaches, instructors, and designers at the service of your custom project. Let us know what your needs are and we'll do our best to design a project specifically for you. Give us a call to talk about the possibilities!