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Professional Author Coaching Services

In sports, a coach stands on the sidelines and offers “attaboys” and “attagirls” to their players as they streak across the court or down the field. While it may not seem as though the coach does much, behind the scenes they set the tone for the success of the team. They use keen observation to decide what skills the team needs to spend more time practicing and they turn into taskmasters when necessary, pushing their athletes to run faster, longer, and stronger.

In short, they power the engine behind any successful athlete. They don’t always get the glory, but they don’t care. They know they’ve done their jobs when they see their charges improve.

The same is true for professional writing coaches for authors. While their demands may be slightly different— “drop and give me 20 … alliterations"—the result is the same. They whip authors into publishing shape.

Do you think you could benefit from creative coaching for authors? Edits Made Easy provides this service to many of our clients who are working on books, who hope to get published for the first time, or who simply want to better their writing.

The Advantages of Working With a Writing Coach

Even the most seasoned author can benefit from employing an author coach. We can assist you in many ways, such as:

  • Pointing out phrases, constructions, and narrative crutches you over-rely on in your writing
  • Discussing major rewrites and new directions for your work
  • Explaining finer points of grammar and sentence structure to free your copy from common errors
  • Motivating you to finish a project or return to one you put on the shelf
  • Encouraging you during the down cycles every author goes through

Coaches make sure you stay in the game. It’s easy to get discouraged as a writer. If you try to publish, you may receive rejections, although you submitted high-quality work. Even when you succeed in publishing, you could grow frustrated by the editing process or doubt your writing voice when an editor makes changes to your manuscript.

A coach will help get you through those valleys and will celebrate the peaks with you as well. Coaches help you maintain discipline and apply it to your writing. You will become a stronger, more confident writer when you have someone behind you keeping you on task.

Edits Made Easy Offers Professional Editing Coaching for Authors

In addition to our editing services for non-fiction, memoir, novels, academic writing, and more, we offer author coaching services to help you get better. Author coaching can help you achieve your long-term goals. If you want to land a book contract, for example, a coach will help you determine where to funnel your energy and how to achieve this aim. They draw on past coaching experience, their own publishing and editing backgrounds, and industry expertise to answer your questions and draw out your best writing.

Whether you have been writing for three months or 30 years, you can benefit from a writing coach. Get in touch with Edits Made Easy today to discuss a coach who can provide the best chance for you to reach your writing aspirations.