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We make editing easy for you ... which is how we got our name! But behind the scenes, the professional editing of your text is a complex, multi-layered process that differs slightly, depending upon whether your project is an academic thesis or dissertation, a book manuscript, or a business or personal document. The links on this page will allow you to explore the specific process that your project will undergo.

Whatever type of project you have, however, there are some elements that all editorial projects have in common:

1. Every project begins with an assessment and a quote.

When you submit your project to Edits Made Easy, our team will go to work quickly in order to assess the nature of the project and the most appropriate LEVEL of editing for it. Based upon our assessment, we will recommend the most appropriate level: PROOFREADING (to correct errors), COPYEDITING (to polish language), DEVELOPMENTAL EDITING (to address issues of structure and content), FULL ACADEMIC EDITING (to polish the text, identify developmental issues, and carefully check your referencing and formatting), COMPREHENSIVE MANUSCRIPT EDITING (to bring your manuscript into final form), or ESL/ELL EDITING (to address the specific needs of the English language learner). Someone from the EME team will then contact you by e-mail or by phone to review our assessment, offer our recommendation, and give you a price quote. Regardless of EME's recommendation, YOU have final say over the level of editing to be done and the costs involved. Only after you have approved the level, scope, and deadline of the project and agreed to the price will you get an invoice by e-mail. Your payment of that invoice (in whole or in part) acts as your acceptance of EME's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and your work begins immediately.

2. Your project is assigned to an editor, who conducts the edit in several layers, depending upon your project type:







3. Every project is reviewed by a PhD-level supervisor.

To ensure the highest-quality work, before your text is returned to you, a supervisor with a Ph.D. reviews your editor's work and ensures that it meets Edits Made Easy's standards.

4. Your documents are returned to you.

 You can expect to receive three documents back:

  • Your CLEAN TEXT will show you what your document would look like if you choose to accept all of your editor's recommendations, making it easy for you to read through the edited text without cumbersome editorial marks and comments to slow you down.
  • Your MARKED TEXT will show you every change your editor has made, giving you the opportunity to choose for yourself which edits you wish to keep and which you will forego. This allows you to benefit from your editor's professional recommendations while still retaining control over the final form of your text.
  • Your EDITOR'S REPORT will summarize for you the types of changes your editor has made and will offer you a set of general observations intended not only to assess the current project but also to help you with future projects as well. 

5. Your Edits Made Easy team remains available for follow-up.

As you review our edits and recommendations and make your decisions about the final form of your text, we know you may have some questions. Your team at Edits Made Easy will be happy to discuss your questions and offer you advice via phone and e-mailat no extra charge. And if you decide, post edit, to undertake such significant revisions that you then determine further editing to be needed once you have finished your work, we will advise you on how to keep the costs of further editing to a minimum. 

If that seems like a high level of involvement between you and your Edits Made Easy team, it is! That's why our motto is:

Professional editing with a personal touch