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Professional ESL and ELL Editing Services

Most people consider writing in their native language challenging. Finding the right words to express an idea can take time and may not happen intuitively. Refining what you’ve written so that it gets across the point you want to make is equally hard. Now imagine trying to do that in another language.

If English is not your native tongue, you may need extra assistance when it comes to writing. That’s completely understandable. Writing in a second language poses many challenges. It can be difficult to master verb tense, pronoun usage, and vocabulary. Combining all those things to form a cohesive academic argument is even tougher.

Edits Made Easy aims to make that process easier. We recognize the effort it takes to learn another language. Our roster of qualified editing professionals can help English as a second language (ESL) and English language learners (ELL) with writing projects of all types. We help focus your ideas and find the words you need to express yourself. We give ESL and ELL students the tools to produce cohesive, well-written papers and projects.

The Advantages of Using Editing Services for ELL and ESL Writing

English grammar puzzles even native speakers. Whether you just came to this country or you have been here for years, you may find the nuances of English writing difficult to grasp. It’s perfectly understandable to mix up words with similar spelling but different meanings (homonyms) or struggle to conjugate verbs.

Using English as a second language or ELL editing services simply gives you a bit of added security when writing an academic paper. Think of us as the backstop when you’re pitching. We back up your prose instead of your throws. When you use our services, we offer suggestions for better sentence construction, stronger verbs, and accurate vocabulary. Some of the benefits of employing our services include:

  • Improving sentence structure: English sentence structure differs greatly from other languages. You may need assistance mastering this major divergence from your native tongue.
  • Removing incorrect words or imprecise language: You may have been thinking “to” and written “too,” or you could rely on filler words such as “certain” or “very.” An editor can help strip your writing of these problems.
  • Encouraging outlines: If you usually just sit down and write, you may benefit from changing the way you do things. Writing in a second language requires better organization, and our editors may suggest assembling an outline to help you stay focused and on-topic.
  • Introducing new resources and ideas: Part of the rewriting process is broadening horizons. Our editors may have resources available you had not considered, such as books or websites. We can share these with you and also offer suggestions on other ways ESL and ELL students can broaden their vocabularies or improve their grammar.

Take Control of Your Writing With Edits Made Easy

You have exceptional ideas and an interesting viewpoint. You just need some assistance translating that to paper. Let Edits Made Easy help you find that voice and get your papers and other academic materials ready to submit. Contact us today to discuss your options.