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Professional Ghostwriting Services

Do you have a story inside you? Perhaps it’s a novel—maybe an unexpected yarn about a swashbuckling accountant or rogue princess who defies the odds and upends the system. Perhaps it’s a memoir, detailing the sweet love story of your parents or the grim upbringing you overcame to become a success. Or maybe it’s a non-fiction book about a fascinating person or event you just can’t stop thinking about.

Whatever your passion, you want to tell that story. But you aren’t sure where to start or how to do it.

Let us help you weave that tale. Edits Made Easy offers professional ghostwriting services for a range of disciplines, including fiction, non-fiction, and memoir. We help creative individuals with fantastic ideas put those ideas onto paper. Not everyone knows how to write, but that doesn’t mean you can’t author a book, a magazine article, a blog, or whatever other medium you’re itching to explore. We can help you scratch that itch through our ghostwriting services.

What Does a Ghostwriter Do?

Ghostwriters help give a voice to those who, for whatever reason, don’t want to write the material themselves but want to supply the ideas. You’ve probably seen celebrity memoirs that credit “XX Celebrity With XX Non-Famous Person” in the bylines. Those non-famous people are ghostwriters.

They take down the details of the story from the source and they put them into writing that flows well and tells that person’s story. It’s more than dictation, because the ghostwriter chooses words and phrasing and what details to emphasize. But it’s also quite collaborative. Without the source, there is no story. Ghostwriters exist solely to help a source realize their idea.

Why Hire a Ghostwriter?

You may be thinking, “I don’t need a professional ghostwriter. I’m a fine writer in my own right and could tell my story myself.” That may very well be, but some people hire ghostwriters because they do not have the time to write themselves. They may have a demanding job or home life.

Others hire ghostwriters because they want a second perspective on their ideas. They believe in the concept, but feel it warrants a fresh voice. Still others think a ghostwriter would be beneficial on a project that requires technical knowledge. They want to avoid the jargon of the industry and believe an outsider could help with that.

Edits Made Easy Can Assist With Your Ghostwriting

Whatever the reason you feel you would benefit from a ghostwriter, Edits Made Easy can help. We will listen to your vision of a project and help it spring to life. We promise to:

  • Keep you involved every step along the way, from first draft to final product
  • Contact you immediately if we have any questions about the content
  • Make the changes and edits you want, to give you the end product you dream of

Our ghostwriters specialize in different subject areas. No matter your genre—whether it’s memoir or fiction—we can match you with someone who has experience working with similar topics. We look forward to honing your voice together. Contact Edits Made Easy today to discuss our ghostwriting options.