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Professional Book Manuscript Editing Services

Congratulations! You finally finished your book. Take a few moments to enjoy that feeling of accomplishment, because it’s really something to be proud of. Now it’s time to move on to the next step—editing.

Whether you already have a book contract or you’re still shopping your novel, memoir, or non-fiction project to agents, editing is a vital part of the publishing process. It helps turn good books into great books. Editors have three main purposes:

  • Catching narrative, location, point-of-view, or other inconsistencies in the book
  • Flagging overarching plot holes or character issues
  • Removing typos, fixing grammar problems, and addressing other small errors

A book is like your baby. You're too close to it to have an objective opinion, and for a good reason—you worked hard on it. Still, you want a person who will tell you the truth about your book and help you address anything that could keep the book from selling.

When you hire professional novel editing services, you take a proactive step toward ensuring your book is the best it can be. A manuscript assessment can help you determine where you need to do more work and how to plug holes you may not have noticed on your own.

Why Should I Use Fiction Manuscript Editing Services?

If you have a contract already, you may have intended to rely on the publishing house’s editor to catch your typos. They will, but presumably you aim to have a long-term relationship with your publisher. If that’s the case, you want to send in a manuscript that’s as polished as possible when you submit. An editor giving your book a first pass can point out small but crucial details you may have missed as you wrote and rewrote dozens of times.

This means less work for your publisher, and they will appreciate that. The book industry has become a lot smaller, and any time you save your publisher will be keenly appreciated.

You should also want to turn in the best possible product simply to protect your reputation. You want to be known as a reliable professional. You don’t want to be known as the one whose book required all that rewriting. Having another editor take a look first can give you an idea of what problems you must deal with and offer you a head start on doing it.

Use Professional Book Author Services From Edits Made Easy

Our team of editors has vast experience with manuscript editing. We will only pair you with editors who have worked on novels before. We would never assign an academic specialist to your book. Someone who specializes in fiction knows the things to look for and can guide your book to the best creative decisions for your genre. Plus, they understand some of the general problems that plague fiction writers, such as character inconsistencies. You will get feedback that helps you make your novel stronger.

Move forward with your fiction manuscript by enlisting our editing help. Contact Edits Made Easy today for a consultation.