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Professional Nonfiction Indexing Services

Until you need to put together an index of your own, you may not have given academic indexing services much thought. In fact, you may not have even known what they are. Professional indexers compile the categories to put in an index. They comb through a manuscript to find every reference to those categories and make a listing of pages where they appear.

A good indexer shows great flexibility and dexterity. They note topic areas that weren’t initially included in an index and expand to add those in. They realize a particular issue doesn’t have enough support and decide it doesn’t belong in an index. And they use their observations and insights to categorize a passage under a topic that wouldn’t, at first glance, seem to fit, realizing it offers a unique and unexpected perspective.

In short, indexers produce the navigational guide to any work of nonfiction. If you require professional indexing services for your book, thesis, or dissertation, Edits Made Easy can help. We employ a roster of experienced freelance indexing experts who can provide the services you need to get your book indexed.

The Benefits of Using Freelance Nonfiction Indexing Services

You may wonder why you should hire a freelancer to index your book or manuscript. After all, don’t you know the book better than anyone? Wouldn’t you be able to index more effectively yourself? Actually, an outside perspective can be useful when approaching the craft of indexing.

While you certainly may have ideas for what types of topics should be included in your index, a non-fiction editor can come at the job from an entirely different perspective. They have not spent months with the manuscript, as you have, and so they may see things you did not. You may not have considered including a certain topic under love and money, for instance, or you may have overlooked a passage about wealth on page 37 that the indexer found captivating.

A freelancers’ job is to make you better. They are not changing your meaning but rather adding to it. This is one case where adding more voices can only improve your piece.

Working With Edits Made Easy on Your Indexing Project

We live up to our name when it comes to providing simple, straightforward editing and indexing services for your writing. You will be kept up-to-date on our progress throughout the editing process thanks to our emphasis on transparency. Watch our progress as we go through each step of your indexing project.

If you have questions or concerns, you can get in touch with us by phone or email. We stay accessible to you the entire time we work together. The editor on your project will have experience indexing nonfiction works. They will specialize in this area because we aim to give you the best possible results from our services. We pair our editors with projects we believe they will excel in, giving you an index you can feel confident will be accurate and in-depth.

Contact Edits Made Easy today to discuss pricing on our indexing services. We are eager to work together.