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Professional Non-Fiction and Memoir Manuscript Editing

Writing non-fiction is anything but “Just the facts, ma’am.” It takes skill and talent to develop a true story full of color and detail.

The process of pulling together information for your manuscript can take years alone, and the writing process is often arduous, whether you’re fact-checking information compiled from hundreds of sources or riding the emotional roller coaster of revisiting your past for a memoir. When you have finished writing your manuscript, you may be tempted to declare yourself done. But don’t stuff your project into an envelope and mail it off just yet. It’s time for editing.

Hiring an editor to read over your manuscript can make your book a stronger contender for a contract. You can get a fresh eye on a topic and words you have been wrestling with for months or even years. Sometimes a fresh perspective gives you new ideas to strengthen your work.

Edits Made Easy can assist with a wide range of non-fiction copy editing services for your non-fiction book, from copy editing to manuscript formatting. We work alongside you to offer suggestions and give you a stronger, tauter project you can shop around or send off to your publisher if you already have a contract.

Why Hire a Professional Editor for Your Non-Fiction Project?

An editor can help doctor a number of potential problems with your manuscript. Even if you haven’t finished writing yet, an editor can ensure you are going in the right narrative direction, help you excise sections that don’t work, and advise you on how to wrap up a book that lacks an obvious endpoint.

Other things the Edits Made Easy team can do include:

  • Formatting your manuscript: Many agents and editors won’t even consider a manuscript unless it’s been formatted to certain style standards.
  • Finding factual errors: You may be so familiar with your material that inconsistencies sneak right past you. Count on an editor to find these problems so you can address them.
  • Eliminating typos and grammar problems: Typos and grammatical errors will get your manuscript tossed in the slush pile quicker than you can say, “comma splice.” Even if you have impeccable spelling and can diagram a sentence with the best of them, you can benefit from another sharp eye looking over your finished product.
  • Sniffing out structural weaknesses: Your narrative can always stand improvement. An editor can offer suggestions on how to change points of view or reimagine a scene to make it more accessible to the reader.

Get the Assistance You Need From Edits Made Easy

When you hire a non-fiction editor for your manuscript, you make a proactive effort to improve. In publishing, a good editor can mean the difference between being published and not. To give your manuscript the chance it deserves, you must polish and develop it as well as you can. Hiring an editor from Edits Made Easy will help your manuscript shine.

Our non-fiction editors have extensive experience in the genre. They understand what makes a successful memoir or non-fiction work and they offer suggestions you can build on throughout your work. You can contact them with any questions or concerns you may have through the transparent editing process.

Contact us today to learn more about our services or to discuss our upfront pricing policies. We look forward to working with you.