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Professional Resume and CV Editing Services

Networking and making connections have their place, but the most critical tool in your job search will always be your resume. Your resume makes the first impression on your prospective employer. If it’s riddled with typos, difficult to read or highlights irrelevant experience, that first impression won’t be a good one. In fact, you probably won’t move into the interview stage even if you have the right qualifications.

Make sure your resume is as effective as possible by using our professional resume writing and preparation services. We have a team of editors who will serve as your career services specialists. We know the common errors to search for in resumes. We understand which keywords you should include to gain an interview. We can shape your resume into a document that gets you hired, rather than getting you ignored.

You have probably looked over your resume 100 times during the job search process. In fact, at this point, you may be overly familiar with the document. Your tired eyes could miss the small typo in the second paragraph or look over the error in your phone number, which may be why your phone isn’t ringing. Our professional career coaching services ensure those types of mistakes get removed from your resume so your phone starts buzzing again.

Resume vs. CV: Which One Do You Need?

We offer both resume and CV, or curriculum vitae, preparation services. You may wonder what type of document is required because there is a difference between the two. A CV is much more in-depth and commonly used for applying to academic jobs. While we recommend limiting resumes to a page or two, a CV could be many pages long depending on your experience.

An academic publisher or journal may request your CV when you submit book proposals or articles. And if you search for work abroad, you may have to send a CV. In these cases, you must ensure the document has the same polished, error-free appearance as your resume. That’s where our professional editors can help.

The Benefits of Using Professional Resume and CV Editing Services

You need more than just someone to proofread your resume or CV. You need someone who can offer suggestions for better writing, stronger flow, and less fluff. We approach resume and CV editing as we do every editing project we take on—as an opportunity to make the document better. You need someone who will consider the document and the story it tells while offering you tips on how to tell that story better. Some of our services include:

  • Removing extra words and extraneous information for a tighter, faster read
  • Eliminating passive voice and adding active verbs
  • Highlighting your most relevant experience
  • Providing job interviewing coaching services to help boost your chances after your resume has landed you the interview

With the right tweaks, your resume will open new doors for you. Whip your resume into shape today. Contact Edits Made Easy to see how we can help with your resume or CV updates.