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Professional Transcription Services

Hard-working professionals and their busy staffs rarely have time to transcribe the information vital to their businesses by themselves. They often rely on outside services to assist them with this task. If you want transcription services for your medical, legal or other business office, Edits Made Easy can help.

We offer a slew of professional transcription services designed to take the burden off your employees. When you hire us to transcribe your voice recordings, you get an organization that prizes accuracy above all else. We are, after all, editors — and even the smallest details matter to us. We understand that the slightest error can change the meaning of the information we transcribe, so we use our editing skills to ensure you receive error-free transcriptions.

Why Hire a Professional Transcription Service?

You receive other benefits beyond accuracy when you hire us for your professional business transcription services, including:

  • Quick turnarounds: While you may have to wait for days or weeks for someone in your office to transcribe your voice files, we can get it done in a short amount of time.
  • Experience: The transcriptionists we employ have a history of doing this work. You will get accurate, easy-to-read copy from our transcriptionists.
  • Versatility: You want a transcriptionist who has experience in your area of expertise. If you own a law firm, for example, we will assign you a transcriptionist who has done legal transcription before and is familiar with the technical terms unique to your industry.
  • Freeing up your own time: When you don’t have to worry about your staff finishing speech or medical transcription services, you can put their additional time into things that help build your business, such as better service to your patients or better oversight of an important project.

The Advantages of Using Our Professional Transcription Services

You can choose from many companies that offer transcription services. Why pick Edits Made Easy? Because our commitment to accuracy sets us apart from others. We offer precision and care in everything we do, whether it’s editing, ghostwriting or author coaching. The bedrock of Edits Made Easy is providing the best possible services, because we know your company depends on us to deliver the correct information to succeed.

We make a commitment to contact you if we have any questions about the transcriptions. We clear up vague instructions or unclear communication early in the process so you get what you're expecting. You will never be in the dark about how your transcriptions are coming along, either, because you can track the entire process through our transparency tools.

Whatever transcription services your business needs, you can rely on Edits Made Easy to deliver an accurate, neat finished product. We will make sure all the technical terms are correct and that we didn’t miss any relevant information from the voice files. When we take on your project, whether you are in healthcare, law or some other business, you get a clean end product without any hassle at your end.

Contact us today to discuss the professional transcription services your business can use.