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Professional Web Content Writing and Editing Services

Words play an important role in bringing people to your website. With the right words, you convince someone to use your services. You entice them into checking out what you have to offer. You create a professional, polished appearance that stays with them long after they’ve closed their web browser.

Getting the right words on your website isn’t easy—especially if you have never written for the Web. Internet writing is different from other forms of writing. You may be an excellent academic or fiction writer, but that won’t help you come up with compelling website copy that will draw people in and get them to stay.

Edits Made Easy knows what good web writing looks like and we can help you achieve it on your site. Our professional editors can take your ideas and shape them into copy that tells visitors exactly what they want to know, without any added fluff and, of course, without the ugly typos that mar so many websites. You can refine what you want to say and convey those messages on the page.

Whether you desire copy for a personal, business or another type of website, we can help.

Know What You Want From Your Website

The first step to getting the best copy for your website is determining your goals. Do you want to display your expertise? Draw in more web surfers? Show off the prose or poetry you have written? Those aims will help determine what type of content you need.

Once you have made those decisions, you move on to getting the right words on your site. This goes beyond search engine optimization, a technique used to draw more people to your website. Equally important is having content that’s readable, grammatically correct, and typo-free.

Why should that matter to you? If, for example, you send out a resume directing potential employers to your website and they see typos and run-on sentences, they may decide to stick your resume back on the pile. Having well-planned, clean website copy speaks volumes to your attention to detail and ability to concentrate.

Hire Us to Edit or Write Your Website Copy

We have a roster of talent with experience in writing website copy. We use well-qualified editors for this task who specialize in content writing. We require the people we hire to have expertise in the areas where they will assist you. We wouldn’t ask a fiction editor, for instance, to write your web copy. When you hire Edits Made Easy, you get:

  • Precision: We cut out extra words and sharpen your points so visitors to your site know what you want to tell them.
  • Professionalism: We work with only the best editors who have lots of experience in your particular area. We stay in contact with you throughout the editing process.
  • Transparency: We account for every moment you pay for with our transparent tracking system, which allows you to see what stage you are at in the process.

Are you ready to improve your website? Contact Edits Made Easy today to get started.