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Having trouble organizing your dissertation research? Not sure where to begin your novel? Doubting whether your memoir will be interesting to anyone but your family? Suffering from a case of writers’ block? If you’re facing any of these writing problems—or a host of others—EME Coaching may be just what you need. 

Whether you are writing an academic thesis, a novel, a nonfiction book, a business proposal, or a play, EME can pair you with a highly qualified coach who can give you the guidance that you need. And if English is not your first language, EME has ESL-certified coaches specially trained to help you improve your English language skills for academic and business writing. Best of all, since the work is done entirely one-on-one, the coaching program is tailored to your unique needs. 

How does it work?

After you submit a query, you will be contacted by an EME administrator who will conduct a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION, helping you to identify your specific coaching needs. If you have already begun writing, you will be asked to submit the work that you’ve done so that your coach may get familiar with it. In consultation with the EME administrator, you will determine the number of coaching hours that will be included in your package, with the understanding that hours may always be added, if needed. 

"COACHING HOURS" refers to the actual amount of time you and your coach spend in live sessions, via phone or web conferencing. Of course, both you and your coach will have homework to do in between sessions; however, you will never be charged separately for the time that your coach puts into your project outside of your live coaching sessions--that's all been figured into the price.

In addition to the number of coaching hours in your package, you will also determine the TIME PERIOD to be covered by your coaching package; for example, you may decide that you're going to do 10 hours of live coaching over a period of five months. While this period is ordinarily equal to two weeks for each hour of live coaching, your own particular needs will be taken into account as you work with EME to determine the specific shape your unique coaching program will take. Once your coaching period has been agreed to, your coach will be available to you for unlimited e-mail contact throughout that period ... at no extra charge.

Your coaching package will almost certainly involve sharing your writing with your coach, and your coach will give you feedback. However, there will be no direct editing to the texts unless you also arrange for an editing package. In the event that you do not use up all of the coaching time that is part of your package, Edits Made Easy will be happy to apply the cost of the unused coaching hours to any editing work that you choose to have done.

You’ll save time and money by avoiding mistakes under the guidance of someone who has been where you are now and who knows how to succeed.

What can your coach do for you?


  • Help you to focus your topic
  • Motivate you to write consistently
  • Save you time by avoiding mistakes
  • Point you toward resources
  • Connect you with experts
  • Serve as a sounding board for ideas
  • Evaluate your arguments
  • Teach you research techniques
  • Instruct you in proper referencing
  • Help you to bring your text into style-sheet compliance
  • Save you time and money


  • Help you develop your story
  • Get you over writers' block
  • Help you choose & maintain your POV
  • Guide background research
  • Help you develop your own voice
  • React to your characters' believability
  • Hone vivid imagery
  • Teach you about timing & pacing
  • Shape effective dialogue
  • Help you engage your readers' imaginations
  • Save you time and money


  • Help you define goals & objectives
  • Point you toward resources
  • Help you avoid costly mistakes
  • Help you to outline your project
  • Serve as a sounding board for ideas
  • Suggest software and other tools
  • Teach you research techniques
  • Help to refine your language
  • Evaluate your arguments
  • Guide you in effective formatting
  • Save you time and money


  • Help you define specific skill needs
  • Evaluate your written work
  • Identify specific areas of concern
  • Design a plan for skill development
  • Point you toward effective resources
  • Provide exercises
  • Assist you with projects for work or school
  • Help you develop vocabulary and understanding of idiom
  • Save you time and money